At UVillage Endodontics, we utilize the best in dental technology to help us make better, smarter and quicker diagnoses and to treat our patients. It's not magic – but it sometimes feel that way. Our state-of-the-art electronics and low-dose imaging devices let us see inside and under and around things we couldn't see through before. New angles. New insights. Making your visits and treatments quicker, more effective and – simply better.

Digital Imaging

xray image
Digital 2D Image
3D CBCT Scan

For many of our patients, UVillage Endodontics’ two-dimensional digital x-ray systems provide the clear, detailed views we need for optimal diagnosis and treatment and significantly reduce imaging energy exposure over older, slower systems. While 2D digital static images like this may look somewhat like traditional x-ray films, they are more precise and offer greater clarity and patient safety than was possible in the past.

interior 2

Sometimes we want to look even closer inside and around a tooth and at different angles to help us with diagnoses, planning and treatment. Our three dimensional CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) scan creates a computer-enhanced virtual “tour” that lets us see inside your tooth, from above or below, from the front or back, side to side or from just about any angle we need – quickly and safely. This recent technology helps us select the least invasive and most effective treatment for you. A scan takes 24 seconds while you sit comfortably; we can review it together immediately after.

Endodontic Microscope


Just as we use 3D and static x-rays to see inside a tooth, we can utilize our live-view microscope to give us the sharpest, closest looks possible when examining and working on it. Specially designed lights and lenses bring fine details into clear focus for accurate diagnoses and treatment.